The new product write-up is the snapshot of the latest additions on the offer. It informs about the recent product launch encompassing an innovation, new feature in old product, a new finish or even a new brand for an existing product line. The objective is to help our readers updating their respective portfolios for an expanded business arena.

Gigaherz-Optik launches “TPI21-TH” measuring system

Gigahertz-Optik’s new TP121-TH measuring system for testing and binning of back-end LEDs, is a high-quality LED testing system that supports a fully automated testing process. The system’s design ...READ MORE

Flip Chip Opto releases its first-in-class “Ares Series” UV-A spectrum flip chip COB

The Ares Series features two variations of the UV-A spectrum; 375nm and 395nm, with power options of 100 watts and 200 watts. The Ares Series is structured based on patented DBR LED Flip Chips and fea...READ MORE

Ophir Photonics pioneers “Fluxgage” LED luminaire measurement system

Ophir Photonics showcased “FluxGage”, a compact, all-in-one LED luminaire measurement system which measures flux, color, and flicker, important quantities for evaluating the performance of LED-bas...READ MORE

Auer Lighting launches new color-mixing glass optic

Auer Lighting launched a new color-mixing glass optic called “ShopWhite” designed for multi-color LED arrays. The new optic is an SSL upgrade to conventional CMH and CDM installations. It comes wi...READ MORE

Cree introduces commercial spec-grade troffer

Cree has expanded its award-winning ZR Series LED troffer portfolio with the introduction of the new ZR FD LED Series, a commercial spec-grade troffer that delivers superior energy efficiency of 130 l...READ MORE

Lunera Lighting announces new lamp for architectural post top fixtures

Lunera Lighting, Inc. announces the Lunera HID LED 360 lamp for architectural post top fixtures, which are commonly used to illuminate walking pathways and building entryways found on a university or ...READ MORE

Philips Lighting launches SceneSwitch LED range

The Philips SceneSwitch LED range is a unique range of light bulbs which provide multiple light settings to meet the changing needs of homes and consumers. The new Philips SceneSwitch LED range is plu...READ MORE

Eaton introduces modular LED pinhole downlights for commercial and residential applications

The new Halo® ML4 LED downlighting system for residential and commercial spaces includes a housing, LED module and a choice of a field-interchangeable, round or square, 2-inch aperture pinhole trim, ...READ MORE

Vishay launches ceramic-based, high-power UV LEDs

Vishay’s VLMU3510-365-130 is the newest addition to its VLMU35xx series of ceramic-based, high-power UV LEDs. Designed in a compact 3.45 mm by 3.45 mm surface-mount package, it is ideal for medical,...READ MORE

Lumileds broadens LUXEON C Color Line with 3 new colors

Lumileds has now expanded its line of LUXEON C Color LEDs to a total of 12 colors (and 8 whites), making it the industry’s broadest line of color LEDs available. The LUXEON C Color Line now includes...READ MORE

Venture Lighting showcases new VLED range

Venture Lighting’s new Westminster VLED module and retrofit LED solution is specially designed for street lighting. The VLED range includes products offering particularly high lumen packages typical...READ MORE

Verbatim demonstrates Vx-filter technology for color boosting of LED lamps

Verbatim demonstrated different versions of its pioneering VxRGB Classic B candle lamps. The VxRGB Natural Vision Candle LED lamp allows users to experience the warmth and ambience of real candlelight...READ MORE

Delta Electronics highlights a diverse spectrum of intelligent LED lighting solutions

Delta Electronics displayed a wide range of LED lighting solutions featuring the integration of smart monitoring platforms, industry-leading energy efficiency as well as world-class power electronics ...READ MORE

LG showcases different solutions using OLED light panels

Highlighting the key advantages of OLED light in multiple settings such as design & architecture, hospitality and retail, LG Display exhibited eleven OLED light panels along with four solutions us...READ MORE

Instrument Systems showcases LGS 350 Goniophotometer for fast characterization of LED products

Instrument Systems showcased the LGS 350 goniophotometer to demonstrate applications for the highly accurate and fast testing of medium-sized LED modules according to the EU Eco-Design Directive. The ...READ MORE

Simes presents Ghost light system

Fusing architecture and light in a natural way, the Ghost light system employs a light blade which is directly cast into the concrete. When it’s off, it disappears, leaving the impression of a simpl...READ MORE

Osram presents an LED/OLED rear light demonstrator

At its booth, Osram demonstrated how the combination of OLED with LEDs opens up a wide range of design options for rear lights. The LED/OLED rear light demonstrator, which showcases four lighting func...READ MORE

Edison Opto demonstrates its R&D achievements through smart lighting products

Edison Opto showcased its latest products at the high profile lighting event which included the PLCC High Efficiency Series: high efficiency components which increase the flexibility in lamp design an...READ MORE