The new product write-up is the snapshot of the latest additions on the offer. It informs about the recent product launch encompassing an innovation, new feature in old product, a new finish or even a new brand for an existing product line. The objective is to help our readers updating their respective portfolios for an expanded business arena.

Signify India Launches Philips UV-C Disinfection System to Contain the Spread of Covid-19

LED technology is evolving with each passing day. The latest in the league is the LED UV-C radiation technology, which has been validated to effectively inactivate SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Co...READ MORE

HPL Introduces Kasper – The Inverter Lamp

HPL Electric & Power Ltd. has further diversified its product basket in the consumer lighting segment. The company has recently added a new range under the brand Kasper which comprises seven won...READ MORE

Portronics iLUMI – A Music Lovers’ Delight!   

Portronics iLUMI is a portable LED lamp which comes powered with 2W LEDs & a 3W Bluetooth speaker, colour changing LED mood light, 2000mAh rechargeable battery and a built-in mic for calls. Featur...READ MORE

Signify Adds Filament Bulbs to Hue Lamp Series

Signify, the world leader in lighting, has recently unveiled its Philips Hue Filament collection, perfect for those who want to bring vintage style to their smart home. With a design that is reminisce...READ MORE

Xiaomi’s Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp 1S Boasts of Numerous Interesting Features

Chinese electronics company Xiaomi has launched the Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp 1S in India. The lamp comes with brightness control (2600-5000K), colour temperature control, and other smart features. It ca...READ MORE

Honeywell Launches Lighting Solution for Hospitality Industry

The new system is different from existing DALI offerings in terms of features and functionality, while being more cost-effective to deploy. The INNCOM Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) mod...READ MORE

Lenovo Adds Smart Bulb to its Product Portfolio

Lenovo has introduced smarter technology for a more connected home experience with an expanded range of smart devices powered by Google Assistant. These devices include a Lenovo Smart Bulb, whose pric...READ MORE

Environmental Lights Introduces Continuous LED Strip Light

Environmental Lights, one of the leading LED lighting solution providers, has launched Continuous LED Strip Light – a new style of strip light that utilises chip on board LEDs to create one diff...READ MORE

Inventronics Launches New Global LED Drivers

Inventronics has released a new family of programmable, IP66/IP67 LED drivers with model offerings that cover 150W, 200W and 240W power levels. Their next generation platform offers an optimised desig...READ MORE

Halonix Becomes the First Brand to Introduce Inverter LED Battens

Halonix launches yet another innovation in the LED lights segment by introducing Inverter LED Battens, which are designed to provide light back-up up to 4 hours in case there occurs a power-cut. This ...READ MORE

Heliospectra Launches New MITRA Modular LED Lighting System

Heliospectra, a world leader in intelligent lighting technology for greenhouse and controlled plant growth environment has launched the new MITRA series. It is a high intensity and high performance LE...READ MORE

Syska Launches Google Home Mini Combo

Syska has announced its collaboration with Google for the launch of Google Home Mini Combo in India. With this partnership, Syska will be bundling its Smart LED bulbs along with Google Home Mini in a ...READ MORE

ProGrowTech Releases Monarch Line of LED Fixtures

ProGrowTech, a prominent manufacturer of LED lighting systems for commercial horticulture and food production, has launched Monarch, a competitively priced LED product line that integrates with any ty...READ MORE

Signify Introduces Philips T Beamer LED Batten

Signify has launched its latest easy-to-install LED batten called Philips T Beamer in India. The newly introduced 2-feet long LED Batten can be installed in existing LED bulb sockets and requires no ...READ MORE

Xiaomi Mi Launches Rechargeable LED Lamp in India

Xiaomi India has announced the launch of Mi Rechargeable LED lamp and the Mi Neckband Bluetooth Headphones along with the new mobile phones at the launch event of the mobile phones. Priced at Rs. 1,49...READ MORE

Nora Lighting Unveils Retrofits for Cobalt Series

Nora Lighting has come up with retrofits in 4”, 5”, and 6” apertures to expand its Cobalt LED Series. The downlights rotate and adjust while never exposing the recessed can or breaking the ceili...READ MORE

Signify Introduces Innovative Grow Lights

Signify introduced Philips GreenPower LED toplighting Compact at Cultivate 2019. The new grow light is 1-to-1 high-pressure sodium (HPS) replacement and allows for the easy switch from HPS to LED topl...READ MORE

Crompton Greaves Introduces Anti-Bacterial LED Bulb

Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals (CGCEL) has launched a new LED bulb that aims to kill up to 85 percent germs within four hours of use. The bulbs are available in seven watts and nine watts. Acco...READ MORE

F & V Launches EVERTRUE Z1200VC LED Light

Recently, F&V light has introduced high-quality LED, the Z1200VC which is also very attractive. The light can deliver a colour temperature range from 2800-6500K in White Light mode or a wider 2400...READ MORE

Havells Unveils NU+ Bulb for Better Lighting

Havells has recently launched NU+ bulb to meet the demands of lighting a home properly without leaving any space unattended. As it is mostly seen, often the corners are not lit properly and hence appe...READ MORE

Opple Lighting Launches New LED Downlight

Opple is a leading consumer lighting company known for its innovative solutions. Recently, they introduced LED Junction Box Downlight Ecomax which is a product under their flicker-free lighting soluti...READ MORE

Adcom Introduces Luminosa Headphones with LED Lights

Recently, Indian technology brand Adcom has launched Luminosa headphones in India. The company claims that the newly introduced Adcom Luminosa is “one of a kind” and it can be used wirelessly, and...READ MORE

Corvi Launches LED Tube with Lifetime Warranty

Corvi has launched its Tube Series with Lifetime Warranty. With an uninhibited spirit of innovation and a belief in the idea of ‘light is for everyone’, Corvi is driven to surpass technological st...READ MORE

Osram’s Subsidiary Claypaky Introduces Axcor Profile 600

Recently, Osram’s Subsidiary Claypaky has launched Axcor Profile 600 which is a moving light that delivers up to 28,000 lumens. Also, this equals the brightness produced by over 2,300 household cand...READ MORE

ST Microelectronics Releases 12-Channel LED Driver

ST Microelectronics has launched LED1202, a 12-Channel LED Driver. The driver comes with patented features such as smoother and more natural interactions with smart-home devices, wearable electronics,...READ MORE

Spiffy Gear Launches Lumee Wearable LED Light

Spiffy Gear has launched Lumee wearable LED lights. The unique LED product is touted as “the first cinematic grade wearable light”. Basically, it is a small wearable light that can be wrapped ar...READ MORE

Environmental Lights Unveils RGB 160-Degree LED Light

Environmental Lights, a leader in LED lighting solutions, has announced the launch of the new RGB 160 Degree LED Light Bars. The light will meet the requirement of backlighting of some kind, especiall...READ MORE

Halonix Launches App-Based Smart LED

Halonix Technologies Private Limited, one of the country’s most progressive and environment-friendly lighting companies has launched a unique App-based Million Colour smart LED “Prizm” under its...READ MORE

Oreon Introduces New LED Fixture

Oreon, a Dutch-based innovative manufacturer of high-end LED grow lights has recently launched an LED fixture. The newest model produces a light output up to 2080 μMol/s with an efficiency of 3.1 μM...READ MORE

Opple Lighting Launches New LED Downlight

OPPLE is a leading consumer lighting company known for its innovative solutions. Recently, they introduced LED Junction Box Downlight Ecomax which is a product under their flicker-free lighting soluti...READ MORE

Stertil-Koni Launches High-Performance LED Light Tubes

Recently Stertil-Koni has launched an enhanced high-performance LED lighting system for its platform lift model, the SKYLIFT, and the company’s four-post lifting system. The basic aim is to increase...READ MORE

Corvi Launches LED Bulb with Lifetime Warranty

Corvi LED has introduced LED bulb with lifetime warranty. Packed with innovative features, including dimming functionality, broadened illumination area and 150 l/w, Corvi bulb delivers more brightness...READ MORE

Corvi LED Introduces a Series of LED Lights

Corvi LED launches new Flat Series. The series manifests itself in a square and round form. One of the thinnest recessed luminaire. The minimalist tone of the lighting fixture successfully achieves su...READ MORE

Signify Launches Endura Next Industrial Batten

At a recent launch event, Signify unveiled its Endura Next line of Interact Ready lighting solutions. The event was attended by Sumit Joshi, Vice Chairman & Managing Director – Signify India...READ MORE

Refond Optoelectronics Expands its Products Bouquet

Refond Optoelectronics (a world-class SMD LED package supplier) has come up with a gamut of LED lighting new products for various applications With the development of economy and the improvement...READ MORE

Osram Displays New Automotive Lighting

Osram announced that it will present its newest LED automotive lighting at the 2018 Essen Motor Show which will be held this December. The company has launched new Osram LEDriving products for the re...READ MORE

EarthTronics Launches Canopy LED Series for Entryway

EarthTronics Inc. is a Michigan based company located in Muskego, dedicated to creating inventive energy conserving lighting products that deliver a positive economic and environmental impact. Recentl...READ MORE

Current by GE Launches LED Replacement for 1000W HID Lamps

Current, powered by GE introduced a latest LED replacement lamp designed to replace 1000W high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps. The product, which fits existing HID lamp fixtures, has benefits such as...READ MORE

Signify Unveils Around 20 New Hue Models

Signify, erstwhile Philips Lighting, continues its focus on providing quality, energy-efficient lighting products, systems and services to their customers. Hue is the name of Signify’s brand of LED ...READ MORE

EarthTronics Launches Conventional Style LED Wall Pack

EarthTronics, Inc. is a Michigan based company located in Muskegon which was founded in 2007. They are focused on manufacturing innovative energy-efficient lighting products that deliver a beneficial ...READ MORE

Jandy Pro Series Introduces Innovative LED Pool Lights

Jandy is a leading manufacturer of innovative pool equipment which is re-defining pool lighting performance with the launch of its novel Jandy Pro Series WaterColors Nicheless LED lights introducing n...READ MORE

Tridonic Launches New Generation of LED Modules

Recently, Tridonic has come up with its fifth generation of 24 mm LLE ADVANCED modules for linear luminaires and panel lights. They deliver an extremely high efficacy of up to 200lumen per watt along ...READ MORE

Cree Announces An Extension to the Industry Leading LED Lamp

Cree is an innovator of Wolfspeed power and radio frequency (RF) semiconductors, lighting class LEDs and lighting products. The company has now introduced the XLamp XP-G3 S Line LED. This is an extens...READ MORE

Ellumi Launches Germ Killing LED Lights for Residential Segment

The Ellumi bacteria killing under cabinet light was first launched online in March 2018. It is available online in four convenient sizes (9″, 12″, 18″, 24″), and can link up to...READ MORE

Kyocera Launches Full-Spectrum LED Aquarium Lighting

Kyocera Corporation is a Japanese multinational ceramics and electronics manufacturer headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. It was founded as Kyoto Ceramic Company Limited in 1959 by Kazuo Inamori and rename...READ MORE

Energy Bank Introduces New Solar LED Product

Energy Bank, the company that is based in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, United States has unveiled a new form of solar-powered LED lighting. According to the inventor, the newly developed light has the poten...READ MORE

Inventronics Launches New IP20 LED Driver Series

Inventronics, based in Hangzhou, China launched a new programmable IP20 LED driver series. According to the company, the new dimming LED driver is apt for indoor projects including troffers, panels, d...READ MORE

LG Innotek Introduces Full Range of ‘Horticulture LEDs’ to the Market

LG Innotek launched a full lineup of “horticulture LEDs”. Basically, they are the light sources that help plants grow faster compared to being them under the sunlight. LG Innotek secured 30 ty...READ MORE

Litetronics Introduces Vapour Tight LED Slim Strip Lights

Litetronics introduced latest Vapor Tight LED Slim Strip Lights, a family of one-of-a-kind robust and low-profile fixtures that are highly suitable for space restricted industrial applications that re...READ MORE

Eye Friendly LEDs Launched by LG Innotek

According to many people, the LED lighting touted to be pretty rough on the eyes, irrespective of the fact the packages the LED lamps came in say, i.e., soft light, daylight, warm light, etc. Till now...READ MORE

Nanoleaf Light Panels Helps Create What You Imagine

The Nanoleaf Light Panels Smarter Kit is a modular LED panel lighting system that makes it possible for your creativity to be on the wall. It helps you create light exactly how you imagine it. Also, t...READ MORE

Elemental LED Unveils Emery Fixtures and Luminaires

Elemental LED, a leading U.S. based engineering and technology company, is the largest provider of linear LED lighting solutions in North America. They announced the EMERY™ Lighting Series a new ser...READ MORE

EarthTronics Launches Vapor Tight LED Series

EarthTronics is an LED lighting product manufacturer and supplier. The company is dedicated to developing innovative energy-efficient lighting products that provide a positive economic and environment...READ MORE

Larson Electronics Launches Solar Powered Explosion Proof LED Strobe Light

Larson Electronics is a leading American lighting manufacturer. The company manufactures and supplies high power magnetic mount and permanent mount spotlights and floodlights. Recently, they announced...READ MORE

APD Launches Smart LED Lighting Solutions

The rising trend of integration of smart cities, smart homes and the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, governments, in particular, has given rise in supporting smart lighting projects in many citie...READ MORE

“Flicker-less” Vintage Style LED Bulbs by Burton

The LED bulbs have brought about a revolution. Their number has increased tremendously. Due to this, it has also brought few issues such as flicker in the bulbs which cannot be ignored. In order to ...READ MORE

NTL Lemnis Launches Pharox 25 W Lasso Indoor Strip Lights

NTL Lemnis has launched a new product, Pharox Lasso Indoor Strip Light in 25 W. Available both for retail and institutional sales, Pharox Lasso Strip Light is a strip light with integrated driver and ...READ MORE

Optronics Launches LED Lamps with Reflective Mounting Flanges

Optronics International is a leading manufacturer and supplier of heavy-duty LED vehicle lighting and recently, unveiled two new four-inch round surface-mount LED lamps. The new STL201XRFHXB surface-m...READ MORE

Amerlux Launches Modern Styled Track Lighting

Amerlux, creates bold lighting solutions that add warmth and brilliance to the world. As a design-and-manufacture company they build long-term relationships with architects, facility managers and ligh...READ MORE

Noribachi, the Famous LED light Maker Launches Nori Grow Stand

Noribachi is a high technology company focused on lighting digitalization. Recently, Noribachi under LED full spectrum announced the release of their new Nori Grow Stand and customer rewards program, ...READ MORE

Rittal Introduces New LED light for Cabinets

Rittal is a German manufacturing company, part of the Friedhelm Loh Group. Rittal produces enclosures, climate-control technology, power distribution gear and IT infrastructure. The German giant Ritta...READ MORE

EarthTronics Launches LED Plug In Bulbs

EarthTronics is dedicated to developing innovative energy efficient lighting products that provide a positive economic and environmental impact for our customers. Founded in 2007, EarthTronics, Inc. i...READ MORE

LEDVANCE Launches Slim Profile LED Luminaires

LEDVANCE has increased its portfolio of LED luminaires for professional users, with a new and extensive range of extra flat LED luminaires for recessed or surface mounting. Basically, the Downlight Sl...READ MORE

SLUGHAUS Makes News by Developing the World’s Smallest LED Flashlight

SLUGHAUS, a San Francisco based company became talk of the market after it showcased in the market it’s newly launched, world’s smallest LED flashlight. The LED flashlight is so small that it can ...READ MORE

Seniorled’s High Efficiency LED High Bay UFO Light All Set to Rule the Market

Seniorled made headlines when it announced a new inclusion in its already wide range of LED product catalogue. The just out high efficiency LED High Bay UFO Light is fitted with Philips 3030 130LM/W L...READ MORE

Brighturf LED Light System Now Grows Grass 6 Times Faster

Tokyo-based Sony Business Solutions has come up with an innovative technology called the Brighturf. Sony Business Solution is affiliated to the Sony Group and its new LED light system, which can grow ...READ MORE

A Breakthrough SportHelmet with LED Lighting!

crazeeHeads have always strived to make safety gears fun. Keeping the objective in mind, his year crazeeHeads® have decided to move on to helmet covers. This is great news especially for snow sports ...READ MORE

Thomas Research Introduces Feature-rich Programmable LED Drivers

New family of feature-rich programmable LED drivers under the SelectSync name from Thomas Research Products are not only cost-competitive models but also offer a variety of new solutions for better pe...READ MORE

Dynamic Energy-Saving Lamps from JMLED

Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) recently showcased its second generation of the highest output Extreme High Power LED; the XLamp® XHP70.2. The new addition delivers up to 9 percent more lumens and 18 perce...READ MORE

CREE Offers Improved Efficacy with Next Generation XHP70.2 LED

“We selected Cree’s first generation XHP70 LED as the best light source for large areas, including sporting and industrial facilities, because it enabled us to create smaller and more innovative L...READ MORE

Toshiba Launches 6 New Low Reverse-Current Diodes for LEDs

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC) proudly announced expansion of its portfolio. It is adding six new low reverse-current Schottky barrier diodes (SBDs). The new diodes CCS15F40, CUS15...READ MORE

Century LED Looks Forward to “Transform Spaces” with their New Street Lights Range

The latest street light range from Century LED was n the presence of Shri Firhad Hakim, the Hon’ble Minister of Urban Development & Municipal Affairs, West Bengal. Century LED Ltd has its range ...READ MORE

NTL Lemnis’ Pharox Apollo Retrofit LED Bulbs- The Ideal Replacement of CFLs and ICLs Bulbs

One of the leading LED Lighting solution companies in India- NTL Lemnis, has come up with another innovative product Pharox Apollo Retrofit LED bulb (18W). For customers who have been looking for the ...READ MORE

NJZ Unveiled a New Competitive Product-UL844-C1D2 Explosion-Proof LED Lights for Hazardous Locations

 NJZ Lighting added a new member to its family- a Warrior series Model# NJZ-FEL-D, featuring 140 lumens per Watt efficiency, tested and successfully cleared Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations. T...READ MORE

Plessey’s Hyperion Could Well be the Complete Replacement to HPS Grow Lighting

Plessey chose the January IPM Essen exhibition event as the platform to launch its new high-power grow-light range which the company believes could be very soon used as an alternative to or possibly a...READ MORE

The New Raindrop Shaped LED Toilet Sensor Light is Definitely Here to Stay!

The New Raindrop Shaped LED Toilet Sensor Light is Definitely Here to Stay! Goldmore finally brought into public limelight its much awaited Raindrop Shaped LED Toilet Sensor Light at a recent event. T...READ MORE

Belkin’s WeMo is All Set to Launch New Smart Home Products at CES

Like every year, Belkin’s WeMo brand is going to introduce to the market its new range of LED products, all featuring the solution to flickering of LED lights. The very first product from the series...READ MORE

2nd Plant Engineering Names ThinLine LED by Energybank a Finalist in the Run to Bag the Prestigious “Product of the Year”

Plant Engineering named the next generation troffer alternative ThinLine™ LED by energybank a finalist in the Lighting category for its prestigious 2016 Product of the Year Award. ThinLine is modern...READ MORE

The New LED Lotus Line Launched by HyLite LED Lighting Exudes Versatility

HyLite LED Lighting, a division of ARVA, LLC recently launched its versatile Lotus™ LED Line. We call it versatile because of its features like the 180° adjustable mounting arm which allows the Lot...READ MORE

HPLs’ ELMO Range – A Benchmark in Electrical Wiring Accessories Segment

HPLs’ new ‘ELMO’ switches are the perfect blend of design, quality and state-of-the-art technology. Launched in the market recently by HPL Electric & Power Ltd, an established electric equip...READ MORE

NTL Lemnis’ introduces Pharox Streak Pro Batten

NTL Lemnis recently announced launch of their one of the most innovative product so far, “the Pharox Streak Pro Batten”. This uniquely designed light with an integrated driver is the perfect repla...READ MORE

New Sonic LED Bulb – The Most Convenient Gadget

The Sonic Led Bulb is the latest launch from the Syska family and it is taking them market by storm for some very valid reasons. Features like up to 3 million shades of light in a single bulb, wireles...READ MORE

New High-Refractive-Index Silicones for LEDs from Wacker

Wacker has released two new HRI silicones for encapsulating high-performance LEDs. LUMISIL® 590 and LUMISIL® 591 are highly transparent, addition-curing silicone elastomers with a refractive index o...READ MORE

Global Tech Introduces New High Bay LEDs for Indoor Illumination

 Global Tech LED’s versatile 260W LED high bay fixture, the Gemini, is a perfect and cost-effective indoor lighting solution for big-box stores, warehouses, and anywhere a 1000W HID bulb requires a...READ MORE

Tridonic Launches LED Controller Compatible with DALI and U6ME2

Tridonic’s LED controller, the ready2mains™ Programmer, enables indoor and outdoor luminaires to be configured, controlled and dimmed via the mains. All that is required is a ready2mains interface...READ MORE

MaxLite’s Small LED Flood Lights get serious upgrades

MaxLite’s upgraded third generation of Small LED Flood Lights feature the addition of a higher output, 50-watt model that delivers more than 5000 lumens, as well as 15-, 20- and 40-watt versions to ...READ MORE

Green Creative Unveils ENERGY STAR Certified 60W Incandescent Replacement LEDs

Expanding its Titanium LED Series, Green Creative has introduced 60W replacement candles which are ENERGY STAR® certified 5.5W E12 and E26 base candles which can directly replace incandescent decorat...READ MORE

Lumileds Expands Matrix Platform with High Efficacy Module for Outdoor Applications

 The new LUXEON XR-TX module from Lumileds incorporates 12 LUXEON TX high-efficacy LEDs to produce 3300 lumens and 140 lm/W at nominal drive conditions*. In a convenient rigid form factor, the module...READ MORE

Meta Appliances Introduces Smart LED Controller

Meta Appliances has introduced a new LED controller to use with LED bulbs and LED Down Lights. This module can be used along with normal LED drivers to make them smart and IOT enabled. It works with l...READ MORE

Aglo LED Lights Launches Highly Efficient LED Lighting Products

Aglo LED Lights has launched highly efficient lighting products which ensure quality light output from aesthetically looking lights while reducing power consumption. The products which are designed in...READ MORE