Evincing a host of new applications on existing heritage monuments, bridges, architectural facades, etc., that LEDs are getting roped in to, this section highlights various business avenues, which the industry stakeholders can make use of. The objective is to let the readers know about the transient trends of LED lighting and help them expand their business panorama.

Uluru basks in a sea of color

More than 50,000 flower-like stems cover 49,000 square meters at the foot of Uluru in Australia’s red centre. The gigantic art installation is the creation of artist Bruce Munro and is named Tili Wi...READ MORE

SANSI LED Lighting Illuminates The World’s Longest Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge

Making it one of the seven wonders of the Modern World, SANSI LED completed lighting up of the world’s longest Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge project with 55-kilometre length. LED Street lights, a se...READ MORE

Detroit’s Zoo Shimmers With LEDs to Mark the Holidays

The holiday season extended a bit longer for Detroit Zoo, with the installation of LED lighting. The zoo featured more than five million LED lights, illuminating trees, buildings, and dozens of peculi...READ MORE

The Façade of La Salle Lit Up in Blue with LED Lighting

De La Salle University (DLSU) showed a spirit of sportsmanship when the La Salle’s Hall, building’s neoclassical columns lit up in electric, moody blue. The LED was acquired from a local supplier ...READ MORE

Winter Illumination in Tokyo by LED Lighting for a White Christmas

This winter, Tokyo experienced a snow clad Christmas. Streets and buildings were artfully decorated in LED lights that create an artificial snow-scape with none of the cleaning up the morning after ge...READ MORE

LEDs Help Reveal Paintings, Hidden in Paintings

To the amazement of the patrons, gallery owners, and engineers alike, Eccher hides a painting inside another painting and then uses LED lights to reveal the hidden painting in a darkened room. When th...READ MORE

COB LEDs: Construction, Precautions During Selection & Adoption

The launch of Chip on Board (COB) is a relatively new technology of LED packaging for LED light engine. Multi LED chips are packaged together as one lighting module. When it lights up, it looks like a...READ MORE

LEDs Behind Enticing Jewellery Stores

Lighting is integral to any retail design. For a jewellery store, it helps enticing customers by showing off the products with their magical brilliance. Jewellery don’t sparkle and shine their own. ...READ MORE

LEDs in Restaurants: Improve Ambiance, Increase Revenue

Until recently, lighting design for a restaurant often consisted of simply flooding the space with maximum light without noticing that ambiance is just as important as fine cuisine. But with escalatin...READ MORE

LEDs in Sewing Machines: A Boon for the Garment Industry to Save Cost

With the advent of LEDs, lighting has continuously been touching new horizons when it comes to applications. The latest in the fray is its augmented application in sewing machines to help enhance the ...READ MORE

China’s Binhe Yellow River Bridge Sparkles With LED

Binhe Yellow River Bridge in Yinchuan, China has been illuminated by Philips Lighting’s architectural LED lighting. Philips Lighting Color Kinetics technology provides the lighting effects and can c...READ MORE

Spectacular Light Show At The Perth Stadium

Setting a benchmark for Stadium lighting, the new Perth Stadium has been installed with more than 15,000 LED lights touted to be the biggest in the world in order to create a dazzling display. 43 arch...READ MORE

High Rock Tower To Turn Into Lynn’s Night Light

Lynn’s iconic high rock tower got a makeover as it has been illuminated by LED light system. 170-foot landmark is shining red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, or violet which can be seen for mi...READ MORE

Floating Villas At Marasi Business Bay Shine Brighter With Lumibright Luminaires

The floating villas at Marsi Business Bay in Dubai are catering to the evolving demand of tourism by focusing on their illumination. Furthermore, to enhance the beauty of the water-side promenades, a ...READ MORE

New Lighting System To Dazzle Iconic Portsmouth Guildhall

State-of-the art LED light system which is not only energy saving as well as aesthetically beautiful has been installed on the entrance of the one of the iconic buildings’ of England. The lighting s...READ MORE

Busy Stockholm Station Embellished With White LED Lights

The busy Stockholm station is now a place to be, given that it has been glamorized. A total of 400 metres of warm white LED from GE, distributed over 32 lines that also become part of the general ligh...READ MORE

Boston City Hall Goes Green in Sync with Paris Agreement

Although the US President Trump exited the Paris Climate Agreement, the cities and the countries around the world stood in favor of the Paris Agreement in support of the environment. The city hall was...READ MORE

Wilshire Grand Skyscraper Lights Up in Bid to Host 2024 Olympics

The recently constructed 73 – story Wilshire Grand located in downtown Los Angeles ran a lighting test and the spine of the building turned green. The building with other important landmarks will li...READ MORE