Evincing a host of new applications on existing heritage monuments, bridges, architectural facades, etc., that LEDs are getting roped in to, this section highlights various business avenues, which the industry stakeholders can make use of. The objective is to let the readers know about the transient trends of LED lighting and help them expand their business panorama.

Light Rose Garden, Hong Kong

Light Rose Garden is a South Korean art installation which features 25,000 white roses lit-up with LED lights. First displayed at Seoul’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza, the art installation will be reinst...READ MORE

Dom Tower, The Netherlands

Dom Tower’s exciting new LED installation “In Lumine Tuo”, is the work of duo Mark Ma-jor and Keith Bradshaw of Speirs + Major. The LED is powered by eldoLED’s 50W POWERdrive 562, which allows...READ MORE

Madison Square Garden, New York

The world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden, is showcasing a dynamic exterior with Philips lighting system. During special events, the state-of-the-art LED lighting system is used to create...READ MORE

LED-Powered Tower, The Netherlands

Dutch designer Dennis Parren created an imposing LED-powered sculpture for the Lowlands Music Festival in the Netherlands. The 18-meter-tall tower included a moving LED platform that projected black a...READ MORE

Sea Mirror: Dazzling LED and Heliostat Installation, Sydney

Located in Sydney’s Central Park development, Sea Mirror (or Miroir de Mer) is a permanent light artwork by French lighting artist Yann Kersalé, which is inspired by the ocean and the changing seas...READ MORE

Shree Cement Corporate HQ, Jaipur

Designed by the renowned Sanjay Puri Architects, the façade of the Shree Cements office building incorporates LEDs throughout its mesh façade. Every night the building’s façade comes alive with d...READ MORE

Lighting Sculptures Using LEDs

LED lighting is opeing up limitless possibilities in light design as never seen before Lighting for sculptures and art can sometimes present the most difficult problems. Since every art form is differ...READ MORE

New England Aquarium Boston

The Giant Ocean Tank at the New England Aquarium was retrofitted with LED lighting by lighting design firm Available Light, which beautifully highlighted the colors of the coral and the fish. Availabl...READ MORE

Lightwall Tunnel King’s Cross, London

The Lightwall Tunnel, a 90m-long pedestrian tunnel at London’s King’s Cross station, is lit with an integrated LED light wall. The interior, lined with repeating panels, contains 190 control-lable...READ MORE

Blatnik Bridge Saint Louis Bay, Mississippi

The induction luminaires of the original lighting system were replaced with Lumentalk-enabled Lumenbeam XLarge luminaires. The high-performance LED luminaires reduced the total amount of luminaires us...READ MORE

Uljanik shipyard Pula, Croatia

The Uljanik shipyard in Pula bay, Croatia dominates the skyline with 8 massive cranes. Light-ing designer Dean Skira gave it a new large-scale light feature, illuminating the cranes with 73 Philips Co...READ MORE

Bliss Dance The Park, Las Vegas

The Park is a new promenade joining two hotels and casinos on the west side of the Strip in Las Vegas. Designed by New York-based !melk landscape architecture and urban design, The Park’s creative f...READ MORE

Façade Lighting: Creating Distinct Landmarks

Architecture that appears neutral during the day and blends unassumingly into its setting can turn out to be a work of art at night. Light can envelop a structure like a second skin. If lighting units...READ MORE

Aluminium honeycomb structure hums to the sound of bees

At London’s Kew Gardens, a 17-metre high abstract ‘honeycomb’ artwork aims to demonstrate to visitors the importance of protecting the honeybee. Standing nearly 56-feet-tall, the 40-tonne, abstr...READ MORE

‘Electric Portrait’ lighting pays homage to Tesla

Tesla ‘Electric Portrait’ is a lighting installation created as homage to electrical pioneer and ‘father of modern technology’ Nikola Tesla. Produced as collaboration between lighting design-e...READ MORE

Interactive LED canopy reacts to crowd movements

Artists Erin Barry-Dutro and Kyle Steely’s “Pixel Promenade” is a network of 90 13-foot LED strips, more than 10,000 LED lights in all. Extending 60 feet and suspended over the pedestrian bridge...READ MORE

Spectators immerse in a brilliant illusion inside the Crystal Universe

Crystal Universe, an artwork at the ArtScience Museum, uses 170,000 LED lights, which together give the illusion of stars moving in space. Viewers can enter and walk around in the three-dimensional li...READ MORE

Pigeons illuminate New York skies

As part of the ‘Fly by Night’ art installation by Duke Riley, thousands of pigeons with tiny LED lights strapped to their legs swooped through the darkening skies above the Brooklyn borough of New...READ MORE