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UV Light As An Effective Disinfectant Against Coronavirus

(The article has been authored by Mr. Prag Bhatnagar, Senior Vice President, Havells India Limited.)   The year 2020 can be called as the year of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) which swept not only it... READ MORE

IALD Light Workshops Series

A series of hands-on experiential events that has been intended to facilitate a learning process by creating a long-term relationship between students and professionals Inspired by a growing world of ... READ MORE

Lighting Up A Brighter Future

People love light. The story of human civilisation is quite literally illuminated, beginning right from the fires of the Paleolithic Age to today’s smart lighting systems at home, work, and across o... READ MORE

Lighting An Awe-Inspiring Persona

Carefully created lighting installations at the 35-ft statue of Swami Vivekananda became a symbolic representative of both his teachings and Sarvah Kshema Hospital and Research Foundation (SHRF) in Ka... READ MORE

Warehouses & Facilities: Embracing Connected Lighting

LEDs operate differently and are comparatively a way more rugged and durable than traditional light bulbs. These tiny illumination sources allow automation in the lighting arena which would certainly ... READ MORE

CES 2020: A Peek Into The Future

Like each year, CES 2020 had some remarkable innovations for lighting fraternity as well. We at LED World tried accumulating a few from the world’s renowned lighting techs to give a picture of h... READ MORE

Color Kinetics – Continue To Illuminate Four Airports

Four Airports chose Color Kinetics LED lighting systems for their lighting requirements meeting the twin goal of high quality illumination and energy efficiency. These lighting installations are more ... READ MORE

Global Smart Lighting Market to Reach USD 30.6bn by 2025

The smart lighting market is estimated to grow from USD 13.4 billion in 2020 and projected to reach USD 30.6 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 18.0%. In a recent study on the world’s lighting industry e... READ MORE

Smart Lighting Solutions Take Centerstage  

Quite a few lighting solution providers of India and abroad put forth their tech-novelties offering unique and innovative smart lighting solutions The 2019 edition of LED Expo New Delhi concluded with... READ MORE

Riding High with Affordable Smart Range

The Swedish retailing giant Ikea is continuously expanding its range of affordable smart lighting, making its competitors feel uneasy, especially when it comes to catering to the bottom of the pyramid... READ MORE

Syska Bactiglow

An LED bulb that promises to electrocute a wide variety of harmful bacteria LED industry is witnessing exciting innovations every single day. Companies producing LEDs are vying to grab a larger chunk... READ MORE

Signify Launches Philips ‘EyePro’ & ‘Smart’ LED Bulbs

While EyePro comes with Interlaced Optics to enhance Eye Comfort, the Smart bulb allows convenient controlling of home lighting using the WiZ app, or with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri shortc... READ MORE

Statement Lighting Connects Employees At Smart Data Company 

When a company’s mission is to be ‘guardians of the connected world,’ you know its office environment will be something special. Netscout, a digital and smart data company, moved into new of... READ MORE

Tata Power-DDL & Havells India Sign MoU for Human Safety

The MoU is aimed at strengthening the distribution of electrical protection devices in North and North-Western parts of Delhi. Tata Power-DDL and Havells India held a joint press conference recently t... READ MORE

Capping Invisible Flickering in LEDs: Orient Electric

Orient Electric is confident that its newly launched EyeLuv range of LED lights, which has been designed to cap invisible flickering, will soon become the industry norm as it mitigates health implicat... READ MORE

Addressing Illumination Challenges at the Harbour

CDM2 Lightworks of Vancouver Island has made lighting a remarkable experience at Canada’s first luxury green marina Victoria International Marina is the first of its kind in Canada, a world-class cu... READ MORE

LED eBanners: Captiva’s Solution for High Impact Signage

Dynamically illuminated printed eBanners do not only attract attention but also engage audience through interactive modules. Captiva Innovations, a subsidiary of TF Massif, has unveiled its paper-thin... READ MORE

Non-Compliance to Standards Plagues LED Industry in India

A study conducted recently by Nielsen revealed that 47% of LED bulb brands and 52% of LED downlighter brands across 400 electrical retail outlets were found to be non-compliant with consumer safety st... READ MORE

Lighting is Losing Its Sheen @ Lohar Chawl, Mumbai

Take a walkathon with us in the Lohar Chawl that has reportedly not been doing good especially after the advent of LEDs, and needs immediate government support. Lohar Chawl is a wholesale market for e... READ MORE

‘Urban by Nature’ Inspires the Lighting Design of LEED-Certified Visitor Centre

Being aligned with the city’s strategic vision, the energy-efficient lighting installations at the newly built Exploration Centre in the Laval’s Rivierè-des-Mille-Îles Park, has further added to... READ MORE

The Future of Navigation:

IPS or Indoor Positioning System is a technology that is used to locate certain objects or persons inside a building using light as a data transmission medium. We all know how difficult it is to find ... READ MORE

LAMEA Region To See Max Growth In LED Adoption: Report

According to Market Allied Research, the region is expected to register a CAGR of 21.5% in LED use during 2017-2025, growing at the fastest rate as compared to other geographies. The LED revolution h... READ MORE

Smart Illumination Textile: Clothing Knitted with IoT Lights

Safer working on construction site and safer journeys to school are just the start as many more such wonders are there in the pipeline wherein Smart Textiles are the next big things for technology lov... READ MORE

Smart Shelf LED Display

This full motion, interactive LED colour video display at the shelf edge stimulates customer engagement through tailored product information, cross messaging, pricing updates, promotion and upsell. Th... READ MORE

LiDAR: The Future of Automation

As we move towards a world driven by automation, we need new technologies to enable these machines to work in an efficient manner, giving accurate results. LiDAR is one such example.     In simple ... READ MORE

Luminous: Making Smart Moves

With the launch of a series of smart products including the Smart Glo LED Bulb, the company aims to address changing patterns of consumer demand, besides offering more value for money. It was a media ... READ MORE

Signify: Transforming Lighting Ecosystem

On the sidelines of an event organised by signify to announce the launch of its interact platform, we, at LED World, discussed about the scope of Li-Fi in providing connectivity. It has been almost a ... READ MORE

CES 2019 Rolls Out Future Lighting Trends

Numerous tech innovations were talk-of-the-town at the recently-concluded Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 in Las Vegas. Here are a few from the world of lighting: After showcasing a number... READ MORE

LED Expo 2018 Makes a Striking Return!

Once again, decorative lights take centrestage redefining the beauty of architectural spaces while maintaining the aesthetic sense. With a new venue and innovative lighting solutions, the New Delhi ed... READ MORE

Constructing Experiences From Attention To Awareness

The heightened sense of joy derived from seeing a well-lit building proves why a human being is not divorced from the pleasures of eyes. Author: Devashish Ganguli is working with Havells India Ltd. Vi... READ MORE

Light India 2018 Showcases Vibrant Decorative Lighting with Other Innovations

The exhibit at Light India 2018 clearly defines the transformation of decorative lighting that has undergone a massive transition, redefining the beauty of houses while maintaining the aesthetic sense... READ MORE

Turn Your Light into Smart One

With Luminous Smart Glo LED bulb, users can enjoy wireless control of their lighting system. Luminous Power Technologies, India’s leading power backup solution provider, has added yet another produc... READ MORE

Hyatt Place, Rameshwaram: Marrying Traditional Ethics with Modern Ethos

Given an extremely strict budget of less than 0.5 US$/sqft and energy constraints of less than 0.5W/sqft, the lighting design team went on to setting a benchmark, meeting all the challenges. By Dr. Am... READ MORE

World’s Tallest Building Lit Up with LEDs to Mark Bapu’s 150th Jayanti

On 2nd October 2018, Burj Khalifa was lit up with LED lights commemorating the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. The Iconic Building’s mesmerising LED display was not only attractive;... READ MORE

Smart Table Lamp with Amazon Alexa Support Launched by Syska LED

Syska LED recently launched its Smart Table Lamp which is powered by Amazon Alexa. The smart table lamp is going to prove as a great tool for people who love gadgets and are into late night readings. ... READ MORE

Patna City: An LED Hub in The Making

India’s first led bulb manufacturing cluster, which will be of international standard level is to be set up in Patna. Introduction It was Ranjit Kumar Jaisawal, President, Federation of All India Sm... READ MORE

SPA: Lighting Any Architecture is Challenging

The evolution of lighting with the advent of LEDs, allows achieving a balance between visual comfort and a good aesthetic. Shashi Prabhu & Associates was founded as a sole-proprietorship firm in 1... READ MORE

Orange Plus LED Introduces Customised Suspended Linear Lights

Orange Plus has come up with a new generation of custom LED lights – Suspended Linear Lights, which can be customised as per the requirements. Easy to install, low glare with excellent uniform l... READ MORE

House Of Superimposed Geometries And Transparencies

Geometry – The Science of Architectural Design Geometry is the fundamental science of forms used to build the material of architectural design. Historically, geometric rules based on the ideas of pr... READ MORE

Lighten The Landmark

Vadodara – The City Of Culture Vadodara is one of four cities in the state with a population of over 1 million. It is also known as the Sayaji Nagri (Sayaji’s City after its famous Maratha ruler,... READ MORE

An Innovative LED Project for Travellers’ Safety

An innovative idea that can catapult the automotive sector and enhance safety from mishaps In an inventive effort of a person who really cares about people’s lives had presented an innovative idea ... READ MORE

Light Tape: Illuminates Anything!

A tape that can illuminate to bring your imagination to light Made To Be Illuminated Light Tape employs a radically distinctive and patent-protected type of electroluminescent technology. It exists i... READ MORE

Simplicity Gets Wiser

A lighting solution that has been designed to set the lighting tone to suite mood, comes with a wireless system that combines modern intuitive design with state-of-the-art technology. Wiser Odace lig... READ MORE

LED Streetlights Management Architecture – An Anatomical Perspective

Introduction: Energy Efficiency is appropriately considered today as the 5th Fuel to serve our increasing energy requirement. Energy efficiency has today become the largest energy source. The Key Econ... READ MORE

Innovations Brim at The World’s Largest Lighting Showcase at Frankfurt

Lighting giants from world over presented their latest best in the field of lighting, bringing forth a variety of products and solutions besides unfolding a wide range of new applications. A central f... READ MORE

The Belvedere Golf and Country Club: A Lighting Masterpiece

Gujarat is famous for its rich traditional values, business and culture. Ahmedabad is the biggest city of Gujarat and once a Manchester of India is a true example of Vibrant Gujarat and India. One of ... READ MORE

Innovation Lauds at the HK Spring Lighting Fair 2017

Asia’s biggest lighting expo Hong Kong International Lighting Fair upholds its spotlights on the smart lighting segment. Continuing the innovative trend that the   Show is known for, the recently ... READ MORE

Lutron Electronics: Adding Shades to Lighting Control

This US-based lighting control major has been in India for more than 20 years catering to the changing control needs of hotels, high-end restaurants and retail boutiques, museums, public constructions... READ MORE

Motwane’s Smart Street Lighting Solutions

The solution promises ROI within 14 to 20 months with over 50% reduction in energy usage besides huge saving on maintenance Motwane is a leading Test & Measurement Company in India serving diversi... READ MORE

CEM Global Lighting Challenge Launched at COP21 to Deploy 10 Billion LED Bulbs

The Paris Climate Conference is officially known as the 21st Conference of the Parties (or “COP”) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The COP meets each year to ... READ MORE

LED Bollard Lights

Bollard lights provide an element of safety for larger outdoor spaces and commercial areas. They’re often (though not always) understated landscape lights that offer more illumination than smalle... READ MORE

LED Test And Measurement

The rise of LED lighting is driving a significant transformation of the lighting industry. Thanks to their miniaturized dimensions and low heat radiation, they can be embedded almost anywhere. LEDs ca... READ MORE

Transforming India through LED Lighting

Brand Surya is ranked as one of the most respected and trusted brands for light-ing products, in India. The Group’s width & depth across the lighting solution spectrum has enabled it to establis... READ MORE

Zvision Brings Automatic LED Bulb Assembly Line to India

The Indian prime minister’s “Make in India” campaign has inspired many in the Indian LED industry to initiate LED manufacturing and related services in the country. Mr. Atul Lotia, an establishe... READ MORE

UV Radiation: The Dark Side of Cheap LED Bulbs

The quality of LED lights released in the market has always been a weary issue with regulatory bodies. The unruly import of cheap, low-quality LED products in countries such as India has made it diffi... READ MORE

Bringing LED Villages on The Map

First LED Village Project of Gujarat, 2015 Village: Amrapura, Taluka Mansa District, Gandhinagar Objective: To convert entire electrified village to LED lighting Implementing Agency: Gujarat Energy De... READ MORE

Why Next-Generation Plastics Make More Sense in LED Lamps

The Lighting industry is one of the oldest and largest industries in terms of market value, employment generation and number of players operating in the industry. The lighting industry is continuously... READ MORE

Surya Offers Complete Solutions in LED Lighting

The Surya Luminaire Business Group (LBG) is known for its expertise in selling Technical Lighting Solutions to Architects, Specifiers & Builders. The group is swiftly capturing the LED industry wi... READ MORE

Syska’s App-controlled Bulb ‘Rainbow’ Facilitates Wireless Lighting

Taking a step closer to smart homes, Syska LED–known for its smart innovation– reveals a whole new dimension to lighting that can be digitised. It’s the smartest ‘Rainbow LED Bulb’ that vows... READ MORE

Light Bulb With Security Camera

Tovnet LED bulb is not simply a light fixture. It is an IoT CCTV that can serve as an LED light and a CCTV with PC and smartphone connection by simply being plugged in to a light bulb socket The South... READ MORE

Zumtobel Illuminates Oslo Airport, Norway

The international lighting major Zumtobel Group has equipped the new terminal i.e. Terminal 2 at Oslo Airport in Norway with its modern lighting solutions. Within the scope of the project, 21,200 Zumt... READ MORE

LED Lighting: Soon to be Made ‘Wholly’ In India

India is readying itself to be transformed as one of the largest producing hubs than to remain being treated as the export destination for suppliers sitting across the globe and serving dire Indian ne... READ MORE

Tunable White Technology

Tunable white light gives users the flexibility to experiment with lighting within their environment in ways we were not able to do a decade ago, particularly with just one, singular light source. T... READ MORE

Switching to LEDs: As Simple as Screwing-In An Incandescent

Any conventional lighting fixture with a standard socket is a candidate for long-life, energy-saving retrofit LED lamps. The new retrofit products are easy to install: take out the old bulb and simply... READ MORE

Budget 2016: Reason to Smile for the Lighting Industry

Despite any hardcore mention of the benefits to lighting industry in the Union Budget 2016, business implications are in abundance as observed by the industry stakeholders The Union Budget for 2016-17... READ MORE

Philips Lighting research: Light Quality Adversely Affects Eyesight

The global lighting giant has recently conducted a study to explore how quality LED lighting can help rectify the eye comfort problem amongst consumers. Philips Lighting, the world leader in lighting,... READ MORE

DEiT Inc. Facilitates One of The Fastest BIS & BEE Certifications

DEiT Inc. has been established with an objective to provide the best quality of calibration and testing services using well-equipped infrastructure along with the help of highly qualified technical pe... READ MORE

Nielsen Reports about Flouting Safety Standards in LED Lights

76% of LED bulb brands and 71% of LED downlighter brands in India flout consumer safety standards, Delhi leads all India list with highest number of BIS violations In a recent Nielsen study conducted ... READ MORE

LEDs Enabling Significant Energy Saving for Outdoor Lighting

LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors deliver energy-efficient lighting solutions for many outdoor LED lighting applications. Author: Chen Farn Hin Did you know that…India is the fourth largest countr... READ MORE

VERGE LED Wins Red Dot Design Awards. Brings Proud Moment for Indian Design!

It was in April 2017 that the Jury reached to a conclusion and decided to confer the Red Dot Design Award 2017 to Wipro Lighting’s VERGE LED After several days of assessing thousands of products fro... READ MORE

Brilliant Prospects at Lighting Fair

With more than 2,660 quality exhibitors from all over the world expected to participate in the HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) 2017, trade visitors will be faced with an i... READ MORE