LED lighting29-07-2018 07:07 AM

Bridges are being illuminated by LED lighting to highlight their structure as well as enhance their beauty. The implementation of LED has certain advantages such as low energy consumption & being cost effective. The project, named “Illuminated River,” was started with an international competition in 2016 and the winning project was designed by an American [Read More]

LED horticultural lighting28-07-2018 06:07 AM

The increase in global demand for greenhouse-use LED horticultural lighting is primarily because of the impact of climatic changes and urbanization of traditional agriculture. Scroll down to learn about how top brands are re-inventing agriculture with horticultural lighting. Signify in 2017 associated with Agro-Inwest, the largest Russia-based vegetable grower, to undertake the then largest LED [Read More]

LED lights26-07-2018 09:07 AM

According to the recent study carried out by the team of international researchers, led by Dr Jeffrey Mangel from the University of Exeter, the number of birds caught in gillnets during fishing can be dramatically reduced by attaching green battery-powered LED lights. The study had the researchers compare 114 pairs of gillnets which were anchored [Read More]

Energybank25-07-2018 09:07 AM

Solar LED lights have been around for some time. However, lately, they are undergoing transition with the passage of time and evolving technology. Recently, a Wisconsin manufacturer, Energybank has launched a new fusion technology in solar LED light fixtures. These can find applications in commercial and industrial places. As per the Energybank officials, the new [Read More]

Osram Lighting24-07-2018 09:07 AM

The LED lighting revolution is gradually turning cities into smart cities. Keeping up with the pace of revolution, Osram Lighting and Paradox Engineering have transformed the streets of St. Gallen, Switzerland with a network of mesh-connected LED street lights. Osram Lighting supplied 60 SL20 luminaires that have been installed at Oberstrasse which is a local [Read More]

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